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Police Open Records Request

  1. The Texas Public Information Act prohibits a government body from inquiring into a reguestor's reasons or motives for requesting information. However, the act permits a governmental body to establish proper identification. A governmental body may ask a requestor to clarify a request for information if the request is unclear. If a large amount of information is requested, the governmental body is permitted to discuss with the requestor how the scope of a request might be narrowed. The Act applies only to information already in existence and does not require a governmental body to prepare new information in response to a request. Nor does the Act require a governmental body to inform a requestor if the requested information comes into existence after the request has been made. A goveernmental body is not required to comply with a continuing request to supply information on a periodic basis as such information is prepared in the future, nor is the body required to prepare answers to questions or to do legal research.

  2. *A record request is filled in the course of a normal city business day and not necessarly "upon demand," depending upon the scope of the record request and record availability and research time.

  3. Costs for a record varies upon scope of request and is payable prior to pickup/mailing. If the scope of the request is extensive, preparyment may apply. Be sure to leave a day time telephone number where you can be reached for cost notification or if furthur information is needed in order to fill your request.

  4. NOTE: Photo ID is required prior to record release.

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