Universal City Animal Care & Control Surrender Policy

Surrendered Animals

  • We accept surrendered animals from Universal City residents if space allows. We encourage owners to first attempt to find the animal a new home or place it with a humane organization.
  • Proof of residency is required.
  • Resident will be required to complete and sign an Owner Surrender agreement.
  • Resident will be required to pay all applicable surrender fee(s).
  • Resident will be asked to provide each animal's medical history and vaccination records.
  • Staff will counsel owner and explain the surrender policy.
  • Once an animal is surrendered, the owner will hold no further claim to the animal or to the final disposition of the animal.
    1. Animal will become property of the City.
    2. Animal may be adopted, transferred or euthanized at any time due to space restrictions, medical reasons or disposition.
    3. Animal will not be returned to the owner except under normal adoption conditions. Owner will need to reimburse the City for its expense for caring for the animal and any expenses associated with preparing and holding the animal for adoption. Fees may exceed the normal adoption fee.