November 3, 2020 Special Election

For information regarding a sample ballot, polling locations, and voting hours, please visit the Bexar County Elections Department website. 

What is included in the Special Election?   
This special election is to authorize the City of Universal City to sell approximately 32-acres of park land (Exhibit A) for economic development purposes.  Regulatory laws require that the proceeds from the sale of park land must be used to purchase or improve park land elsewhere in the City.  

How much is it going to cost me? 
Since there is no financing involved in the sale of the park land or the acquisition of more park land, there is no cost to the general public.

Why sell this 32-acre tract of park land? 
The 32-acre tract fronts Kitty Hawk Road and Universal City Blvd where other commercial development exists.  The 32-acre tract provides an opportunity to expand the growth of commercial services along Kitty Hawk Road and Universal City Blvd.

Who will purchase the park land? 
If sold, the approximate 32-acres of park land will be purchased by the City’s Economic Development Corporation (EDC).  The EDC is tasked with the promotion and development of new and expanded business enterprises as authorized by the Development Corporation Act of 1979.

What will the Economic Development Corporation (EDC) do with the property? 
The EDC will make improvements to the property to prepare it for sale to the general public.  The intended use of the property would be general commercial development.  However, who the end user would be is unknown at this time.

What is the zoning designation of the property? 
The 32-acre tract is currently designated as Open Space.  Any future uses would be required to go through a zone change with public hearings be held before the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council. All public hearings require a legal notification to be published in the local newspaper; anyone from the public can give comment and testimony at a public hearing. 

What are the anticipated proceeds from the sale of the park land? 
By law, a City is required to conduct a market valuation of property prior to it being sold.  The market valuation will not be conducted until after the November 2020 election.  The proceeds from the sale will be used to purchase or improve park land elsewhere within the City limits.

What is the impact on existing parks and park land? 

 None.  Proceeds from the sale of the 32-acres would be used to make improvements to existing parks or to purchase more parkland elsewhere in the City.  

How much parkland does the City have?
 Including the 32-acre tract, the City has approximately 152 acres of parkland and another 14 acres soon to be dedicated to the City.

How will the proposition appear on the ballot?
Proposition A:  
FOR/AGAINST: Selling approximately thirty-two (32) acres of parkland located near the intersection of Kitty Hawk and Universal City Blvd with the proceeds from the sale to be used to purchase or improve parkland elsewhere in the City

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