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Pie Baker Registration Form

  1. We are so excited to have you compete in the 2nd Annual Pie Baking Contest. Please review the guidelines below.

    1. Fill out the registration form online with $20 entry fee (non-refundable donation to Parks Partners).
    2. You must select the type of pie when registering. No pies that require refrigeration will be accepted.
    3. Each baker must bring three identical 9” pies per entry. These pies will be used for the judging sessions.
    4. All pies must be in the judging area by 2:15 PM (white tent). Reminder: There will be no refrigeration available.
    5. Please bring covered disposable pie tins. We will make an effort to return any pie pans but are not responsible for any that may go missing.
    6. If you are a winner, you give your permission to have your photo taken and used for future publishing and promotional materials.
    7. You must have a copy of the ingredients available on site for the Health Official. Your secret recipe will not be shared or available to the public.

  2. I have reviewed and agree to the Pie Baking Guidelines.*

  3. Thank you for signing up to participate in the Pie Baking Contest. The contest coordinator will email you with your entry confirmation and a link to process the entry fee.

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