Inspection Request Phone Line:

210-659-0333, Extension 444 - 7 days a week/24 hours a day.  
  • The cutoff for requesting next-day inspections, Monday through Friday, is midnight the day prior. 
  • Inspection cancellation requests must be made on the inspection hotline by 7:00 am the day of the scheduled inspection.
  • If preferred, please request an AM or PM inspection; however, please note the City cannot guarantee AM or PM inspection times but will make an attempt to accommodate the request as a courtesy. Please advise your staff and clients accordingly. 

  • Emergency Exceptions. Life, health, and safety inspections are the exceptions to the scheduling requirements above. (Loss of service, i.e. electrical, gas, mechanical or plumbing service). Emergency inspections or situations where inspections are required in order to restore lost or abandoned service will be given first priority at the discretion of the department.    
Leave the following information when requesting an inspection:
Job address where inspection is to take place
Permit Number
Specific type of inspection needed
Contractor and sub-contractor company name
Contact phone number


Note to contractors and homeowners: Contractors and homeowners need to be aware of the 2021 Code requirement for the installation of Carbon Monoxide Alarms. This requirement applies to plumbing, mechanical and electrical contractors as well. Click here to see a primer on the requirement.

The purpose of this section is to provide easy access to permits as they relate to the development process. These forms may be printed and completed prior to coming to the Development Services Department.

View an alphabetized list of all the permits and applications that are available online.

To shorten your online time, a list of the most frequently requested permits are listed below. Click on the name of the permit to be taken directly to the permit application. 

Banner Permit      Plumbing Permit

Building Permit     Sign Permit

Roof Permit          Solar Permit

Electrical Permit   Subcontractor Verification Letter

Food (Permanent & Mobile) Permit    Swimming Pool Permit

Interior Finish Out Permit   Temporary Food Permit

Mechanical Permit

You may fax you permit application to 210-659-7062, attention Permits. Typically, the application for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical will be processed and available for pick-up the next business day. For same day processing, please bring a completed permit application in to the office with you and be prepared to pay for the permit at the time of pick-up. Permits for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical must be signed for in person by an authorized representative of the Contractor. Permits for new construction, additions/remodels, sheds, etc. require a plan review and will take 14 to 21 business days.

If you prefer to fill out the required forms at the Development Services Department, you may do so during normal business hours. The staff is here to assist you Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Should you have question regarding the forms or need a form not listed, do not hesitate to contact the Development Services Department at 659-0333 ext 723 or 725. We will be happy to assist you.

Permit Fee Schedule

 Class Type A $85 
    - Street Sign Banner; Fence; Mechanical;
      Window Replacement; Annual Health Pool
      Permit-Commercial, Per Pool; Permit Renewal,
      Per Trade, Per Inspection; Reinspection Fee, 
      Per Trade; Roof; Water Softener      
Class Type B $110
     - Plumbing; Pool Above-Ground; Electrical; 
       Flatwork; Demolition; Siding; Floodplain 
       Development; Subsequent Residential Plan
       Review Fees, Per Review; Temporary Use
       (Conex, construction trailers, etc.)
Class Type C $175
     - Utility; Boring; Patio Enclosure/Sunroom;
        Fire Alarm; Foundation; Solar Residential
Class Type D $225  
     - Spa; Sign; Accessory Structure; Deck and/or
        Cover; Moving; Patio and/or Cover; Retaining
        Wall; Subsequent Commercial Plan Review
        Fees, Per Review; No Permit: Per Trade, Per 
        Day; No Inspection: Per Trade, Per Day; No 
        Certificate of Occupancy: Per Day; Irrigation
        & Backflow; Solar Commercial

Class Type E $425
     - Building Safety Inspection/Commercial CO 
       Only; Telecom/Internet/Cable; Fire Suppression;
       Pool In-Ground; Residential Add/Alterations 
Class Type F $1,000
     - Commercial Add/Alterations (Remodel); New
        Commercial Shell Only; Commercial Parking
        Garage with or w/out a building; Apartment/Condo
        Rec Center/Club House/Office, Per Building (see
        Fee Class E for apartment pool); Apartment/Condo
        Laundry Room, Per Building; Commercial Finish 
        Out Only
Class Type G $3,500
     - New Residential Construction  
Class Type H $5,000
     - New Commercial Construction with Finish Out; 
       Apartments/Condo, Per Building
Note 1: Fees do not include connection fees, impact fees,
             other outside agency impact fees, or scan fees
Note 2: Initial Plan Review and Initial Inspection Fees 
             included in price. Subsequent plan reviews and 
             re-inspections will be assessed an additional fee
Note 3: Fee does not include the required fire suppression
             or fire alarm permits
Note 4: Duplex/4-Plex/Townhomes: 1st permit = $3,500;
             each additional unit in building = $2,600 (see other
             notes as well) 
Note 5: For any item not specifically included in the preceding 
             schedule, Development Services shall establish a fee
             consistent with the level established by the schedule 
             and the applicant shall be so advised

Permit Fee Refund Policy
All permit fee refund requests will be reviewed by the Development Services Director. Any permit fee refund issued shall deduct 15% of the permit fee amount with a maximum fee of $50.00, per Ordinance 361-Z-2019.