Winter Storm Updates

If you need assistance, please call dispatch at 210-658-5353 opt 2. If there is an emergency call 911 for assistance.

Water service:  

Universal City water service is not affiliated with SAWS. At this time, there is no reason to boil water. Universal City water service is fully functioning with no service interruptions. If you are experiencing no water service, it is an issue limited to your residence. If you have any questions on water service or broken pipes, please contact Public Works.

  • 8am-5pm: 210-619-0711
  • After Hrs: 210-619-5353
  • If you are having difficulty making a call, please email

If you currently have water at your residence, please take measures to keep your pipes from freezing.

  • Keep your water dripping or at a slow stream
  • Open your cabinets to keep your pipes warm

If you suspect your pipes are frozen, here is an article that provides helpful information to thaw your pipes.

water stationWater Station: The City of Universal City has set up a water fill station at the Public Works Yard, 265 Kitty Hawk Rd (behind Pizza Hut), for Universal City residents that do not have water service at their homes.  Residents will be required to bring their own containers to be filled.  The water will be safe for drinking, cooking, and bathing.  

Residents should come prepared with a driver’s license or a utility bill that shows their Universal City address.

Water Sprinklers:  The recent power outages can effect some older brands of sprinkler timers and potentially increase water usage. If your sprinkler timer’s back-up battery is missing or dead, you may lose all your programming settings and the default settings on your timers will become inactive.  The default program waters every station, every start time, every day, for 10 minutes starting at midnight.  This will double your water usage and your water bill.

 Make sure to check the settings on your sprinkler timer after a power outage.  Put in a fresh battery and reprogram the timer. Consider changing the battery in your timer every year as you do your smoke alarm system.  


CPS Energy is responsible for the electrical service in the Universal City area. There are no current outages reported in Universal City. If you are experiencing a power outage, please report to CPS Energy.

 If you need assistance or concern for others, please call dispatch at 210-658-5353 opt 2. If there is an emergency call 911 for assistance.

Trash Service:

The inclement weather has effected the ability to provide regularly scheduled Waste Management trash service in Universal City.  Businesses and residents are advised that trash service has been suspended until the week of February 22nd.  Universal City businesses and households should put out whatever trash they have on their next service day.  For example, If your first trash day is Monday, then put your trash out by 7:00 AM on Monday, February 22nd.  If your first trash day of the week is Tuesday, then put your trash out trashy out by 7:00 AM on Tuesday, February 23rd.  If your first trash day of the week is on Wednesday, then put your trash out by 7:00 AM on Wednesday, February 24th.  All excess trash that is not in a trash can, bin, or dumpster must be neatly bagged and set next to the trash containers; this will expedite the pick-up process.  

 Be advised that waste tonnage will be an issue.  Each Waste Management vehicle only hold so much trash before it has to head back to the landfill.  In the event that the tonnage is more than what can be picked up in one trash day, Waste Management respectfully requests that all trash cans, containers, and neatly bagged trash remain at the curb.  Missed trash service may happen later in the day, the following day, or picked up on your second trash day of the week. Again, leave all trash at the curb or pick up area.  Waste Management and City staff will monitor the City for any missed trash pick-ups.  If possible, we ask that residents refrain from calling about missed trash service until Monday, 01 March.    

Waste Management Customer Service:210-368-5000

Universal City Utilities:  210-619-0711

Universal City office will remain closed through the week. Essential personnel will continue working to keep the City running. Please remain home and stay safe.

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